Rice fields of Kajoran, Central Java, Indonesia

The rice fields of Kajoran are the most important economic resource for the people of Kajoran, Central Java.

The rice fields in Kajoran are very fertile and have been cultivated for many years. The soil is rich in organic matter from the decaying leaves and other plants from the forest. This makes it easy to cultivate rice because it doesn't need much fertilizer or irrigation.

The fields of Kajoran are a major source of food for the people living in Central Java. The rice fields are well-known for their beautiful scenery and the fresh rice they produce.

The main crops grown in the rice fields of Kajoran are rice and soybeans. Rice is grown on about 3,000 hectares of land while soybeans cover about 2,500 hectares.

Farmers typically grow both crops together to avoid pests from destroying one crop or the other. They will also plant corn, cassava, and vegetables in between rows of rice or soybeans to make sure that pests don't find anything to eat if they destroy one crop.

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